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We love our dog guests at the Looking Glass Inn in Lincoln City, and we have pictures and stories we'd like to share with everyone. Please email your own dog photos and memories of your stay at Looking Glass to stay@lookingglass-inn.com and we'll post them on our blog.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Meet Champ!

Isn't he beautiful!!

Another great guest of the Looking Glass Inn!

You are gorgeous Champ!!

Milo and Max, some of our favorites!

Milo and Max actually email us! Their last email to us read like this:

Hi Mary Ann, Hillary and all the great staff, Max and I brought our mommy and daddy to stay with you for the weekend. Mommy says it was the weekend of January 10 this year. It was a cold, rainy (hi Rain,) and windy few days. Max and I didn't mind it a bit. Daddy still took us out as much as possible so he could throw my orange toy (see 1st photo) for me to fetch. Mommy took a photo of each of us on the sofa. Max's photo is the last one (he was tired after just one day.)

Max and I will bring mommy and daddy back again soon.

Bye bye till then.

Roshan has come to the Looking Glass Inn!

A special dog with his special parents!

Thanks for staying with US!

A walk on the beach "with" Rain

Here is a great guest of ours walking the manager's dog Rain.

Not everybody gets to take Rain for a walk!

You must be pretty special!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Bailey was back!

This is Bailey, Rain's mom. Rain is our lobby dog, the manager's dog actually. 
Rain loves it when Mom
comes for a visit.
Come back soon Mommy, Rain says. :)

Lucy and Ron!

Meet Lucy, Ron and Joann!
Lucy comes often with her fun family but we haven't seen them in awhile. Come back soon Lucy!
We miss you! We miss you all!
Lucy and Dad
Lucy and Mom
Cute little Lucy girl

This is Finnley!

This beautiful Irish Setter stayed with us recently and then sent in this great photo and note!
Come back soon Finnley! You are beautiful!!

Thank you for a great stay at your inn. This was our first time taking Finnley on a two hour car ride, to the beach and to spend the night in a hotel! You made us feel so welcome especially Finn. Finnley loved the birds on the beach the best. The waves were fun too!

We will be back!! Thanks again!

Meet Peanut!

Peanut was a guest of ours this past summer and we are late to share him with the world
via our dog blog!
Come back soon Peanut, Paco wants to see you again!
This is a note Peanut's family left for us...

This was our first time staying at the Looking Glass Inn and we had such a great time.   Everything was just perfect and the staff was so friendly.  Peanut had a great time too and as you can see he wasn’t ready to leave as we were trying to clean up prior to our departure.  He enjoyed meeting Paco and the rest of the Looking Glass staff (canine and human alike).  Thank you for a great place to stay during our vacation and we look forward to returning next year!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This is Izzie and Emma!

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for a wonderful visit to your inn. 
Not only was it great for us but also for our golden retrievers, Izzie and Emma.  Thank you for having the water hoses and nozzles to assist in rinsing the beach sand off of them after their runs on the beach.  What a nice touch! 
The welcome from Brianna, breakfast, biscuits(for the pups) and the beach-what more could we ask for???!!!  Thanks again! 

From all of us at the Looking Glass Inn: THANK YOU FOR STAYING WITH US!

Meet Jessie Girl and Mom and Dad too!

We had a great time! 
Your Inn was amazing and we will stay there again.  
It was our first family get-away in almost a year since my battle with breast cancer.
From all of us at the Looking Glass:
 Thank YOU for staying with us and we really hope to have you back again super soon!!! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Meet Booger and Porter

Isn't this a super great photo!?!

Here is a couple more photos of these kids and their friends too!

And here is a great note Booger and Porter's family left us:

Just made reservations for January 2013 and can't wait!

We first were invited to join our friends and their chows along with another couple with dogs and we couldn't believe how accommodating and dog friendly Looking Glass Inn was, we then returned in March 2012 and can't wait until January 2013!

Included pictures of our first visit with The Roberts family and our Labradoodles Booger and Porter.

See you soon!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Meet Linus! He is so adorable!

Here is a note his mom left us:   Linus and I had a fantastic time at our recent stay. Thank you. We enjoyed the fire one stormy day and were pleased to see the sun and calm bay the following day. Linus finally got his much-loved swim time in.
Thank you so much for staying with US, at the Looking Glass Inn!


Sunday, October 7, 2012

What Beautiful Dogs! Thanks for bringing them to US!

We stayed at your Inn in July and had a fantastic visit.  Our dogs, (Chloe, a 10 year old black lab, and Sophie, a 1 1/2 year old chocolate lab), had a blast.  Chloe is a veteran when it comes to retrieving and swimming in the ocean...so much so that we have to put a doggie life jacket on her because she doesn't know when to stop, safety first!  This was Sophie's first trip to the ocean and she was scared to get in too deep, even though she wore a life jacket as well.  They were happy that the Inn was conveniently located near the beach because they didn't have to walk too far to get back to our room after an exhausting day of play.  You provided the finest (and cleanest) pet-friendly lodging that we have ever experienced.  The hospitality was top-notch, too.  Thank you!  Hope to see you again.

Attached are some photos of the dogs at the beach.

Kind Regards,

The Birney Family

Hope you ALL come back soon to The Looking Glass Inn!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Meet Eiger

This is Eiger, a Burmese Mountain dog that has been staying with us for nearly 8 years, ever since he was a puppy. We finally got a picture of this little rascal.

This is his very special mom and dad too and their names are Bruce and Martha!
Sure always enjoy having you all here!

Rain's Mom came by!

Rain is our lobby dog, she belongs to the manager and her mom came by the other day, her name is Bailey! This is Rain and her Mom Bailey. Rain is the little black lab.

Below is Rain's mom, grandma and sister too!

Toby was "in the house!"

We had a wonderful stay at the Looking Glass Inn this last June. 
 Sending a photo of "Toby".. he loved his first trip to the coast.

He loved his stay at the Looking Glass Inn. We will return, and Toby will come again with us..
Thank You, Carole & Jim... and 'Toby"

Friday, August 3, 2012

Check out all of the dog beds your dog can borrow...

....and meet Paco again too!

Whenever you stay at the Looking Glass with your dog, feel free to borrow
one of the dog beds  we have! You might have to move Paco first!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Pixie stayed with us recently and then sent us this photo of her in one of our guest rooms. She said she had a great time here. Come back soon Pixie!

Check this dog out!

This is Whitney!

Part Newfoundland and clearly quite the swimmer she is!

What a beautiful dog you guys have! Thanks for bringing her to the Looking Glass!


This is Tasha, a cute little Yorkie that stayed with us recently and this is what she had to say to us...
I loved my stay at the Looking Glass Inn:) I especially loved the beach!!!
 But, at the end of the day, I was WIPED OUT!!!
I will and my parents, Michael and Nikki will be back!!
 Thank you for making it dog friendly and FUN:)  Plus the staff, ROCKS!!!!

You are so cute Tasha!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Introducing Chester From Canada!

Isn't he beautiful?!!
He just spent a few days with us this month.

    Come back soon Chester!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Milo's Birthday!

Here are a couple of photos of Milo "the little yellow angel" that always comes here
 to celebrate his birthday! He just turned 4!

Happy Birthday to Milo!

Say hi to Blaze!

This is Blaze and she's been staying with us for several years now!
This is a picture of her during her recent visit with us.

Hope to see you again real soon Blaze!
(PS I knew you were a girl all along. :) )

Sunday, April 8, 2012

This is Cargo!

Isn't he cute!
Below is a couple more pictures and a note his family sent us recently.

"HI!  We stayed for 5 days last summer with our dog Cargo. He had the greatest time of his life. I have always meant to send pictures but never got around to it. We are now planning our summer holiday for this year and cannot wait to come back!!
Cargo is coming at the end of May and is bringing his daughter Ivy with him.
She will be 5 months old."


Monday, March 12, 2012

Meet Hot Rod!

Check out Hot Rod! Here he is posing with his own special blanket and pillows!

This "little" guy was a recent guest of ours and this is what he had to say after he left:

"My name is Hot Rod and I stayed at your lovely Inn last week. You were all so nice to me and my parents that we had a really nice relaxing time. I did love the walks on the beach (except for bad weather for a couple of days) and tried to sniff everything I saw. I also enjoyed the leftovers from dinner at Mo’s. We look forward to visiting you again in the near future!"